Democratic Unity and Government

News Release:

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Chris Bell visited with government students at Worthing High School and a luncheon for senior citizens at the Sunnyside Multi-purpose Center in Houston today with Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. Rev. Jackson traveled to Houston today to show national support and Democratic unity behind Chris Bell and highlight the importance of getting out the vote in the upcoming election.

"To win this race, all Democrats need to do is believe we can, and get out and vote," said Bell. "I deeply admire Reverend Jackson and all of the decades of work he has done for civil rights in America. The Reverend and I share a vision of a better America, and a despair of faith being wielded as a source of division rather than a source of strength and unity in modern politics."

Continues Bell: "That's why I firmly believe that our state budget is a moral document. Rick Perry does not understand that budgets are more than numbers on a line item. Budgets are moral documents that reflect our shared moral priorities as a society."

The Reverend Jackson said that: "Texas is a great state and the people of Texas deserve a Governor who knows that no budget is balanced unless it accounts for the human costs and Chris Bell will be that governor." The Reverend went on to say that he was proud to support Chris Bell in his campaign for governor and he looked forward to working closely with him to address the many issues facing Texas such as drop-out rates, universal health care, and bringing ethics back to government.

Bell and Jackson have a history of working together to speak out for those without a voice. In February 2002, Reverend Jackson joined then Councilman Bell and 500 former Enron employees at a press conference outside the Enron Building to demand that Enron's employees be given their rightful payout under Enron's severance pay policy.

Rev. Jackson is the founder and president of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, a nationally renown civil rights organization, known for bringing people together across lines of race, culture, class, gender and belief.