Gun Law Concerns

by Larry Little

Owning a firearm is a right many East Texans take advantage of, but to become a gun owner you must first pass state restrictions. "We have to call it in to the ATF. They give us an approval, a denial or delay. If it's approved they can get the gun right then", says Billy Pate.

Billy Pate is co owner of an East Texas gun shop. He's had gun sales denied for several reasons. "If you've ever been convicted of domestic violence you can't own a gun and there are a lot of categories, but you can't own a gun if you've had a felony of been convicted of domestic violence", says Pate.

Even tough restrictions are in place, some still believe too many guns are getting into the wrong hands. Leading to violence like the deadly shootings at three schools in the past two weeks. Now there is growing concern about gun control laws. "It makes me think our justice system is not doing anything to keep them from doing this", says Gary Antley.

Gary Antley is not necessarily against tougher gun laws. He's just not sure they would have much impact. "I believe if a criminal is going to commit a crime, he is going to find a way to commit that crime. Whether it be with a gun, a tire tool, or a knife. It doesn't matter," says Antley. "As long as you got fools out there it's going to be some accidents", says Pate.

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