Angelina County Authorities get Taser Guns

Earlier this year a man attacked Angelina County Sheriff's Lt. Jimmy Casper on a routine traffic stop. To this day Casper thinks about how the situation could have been avoided. "With me having to fight the guy out on hwy 94, if I would have had a taser neither he or I would have got injured," says Lt. Jimmy Casper.

Casper now has another option to prevent attacks from unruly criminals. Angelina County Sheriff's Deputies will now carry taser guns. "That means we are not going to have anybody that starts resisting us. They are not going to be able to fight after that. They may after the five seconds but the probes are still attached," says Casper.

Thursday evening Casper demonstrated the taser's effectiveness on Richard Owen. "It's hard to explain. It's like nothing you ever felt before. It's spot hitting you everywhere. It covers every muscle. You think you are going to die but you don't," says Richard Owen.

Some people have died after being tasered by law enforcement, but local officers believe those are rare cases and taser guns will benefit the county and the department by making their jobs a lot safer.