Choosing a Governor

By Larry Little

Dave Frassen has been an East Texas educator for 26 years. He feels there is a lack of concern about the future of education in the state. "Right now we are under funded. We had that new tax bill come out. The funds are the same as they were before and we keep emphasizing to Austin over and over and over, we need more money," says Dave Franssen.

As a member of No Teacher Left Behind, Frassen knows what kind of governor he wants to see elected.   "I'm looking for a pro education candidate who supports teachers, supports the classroom, that gives us the adequate amount of funds to educate each child properly," says Franssen.

In Friday night's debate education was a hot issue with all of the candidates. November 7th is a month away, that's when voters will decide which candidate will get the chance to put their education plans into action.

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