Chat Room Dangers

Go to almost any search engine on the Internet and you will find a chat room and parents would be surprised to know it only takes minutes before you are chatting with complete strangers who sometimes send inappropriate messages to minors.   "These predators often engage the child in various topics before they approach the topic of sex," says Lt. David Young.

It's happening right here in East Texas. "We have dealt with cases where we've had adults trying to solicit or send inappropriate messages on the Internet already," says Lt. Young.

The recent incident where former Congressman Mark Foley allegedly sent inappropriate instant messages to under age male pages is raising concerns about the safety of Internet instant messaging and chat rooms now another warning from authorities.

"Well the Internet is wide open and conversations on these chat rooms and boards occur just like they do between people and if that conversation is heading in the wrong direction the child needs to be educated enough to back out of there and get away," says Lt. Young.