Veterans Concerned About North Korea's Claim

Just three months ago, North Korea got America's attention by test firing seven missiles. Those missiles only went about 60 miles into the Sea of Japan, but it was a wake up call for U.S. leaders. Now, North Korea is claiming it has conducted a nuclear test. As the U.S. tries to confirm the claim, some military veterans are concerned.

James Lassiter said, "People nowadays just don't realize what it can do. It can kill many and have years of destruction on the world. We would need to respond with the other countries, not just ourselves, because we need to go in there as a global group and say 'this isn't right, stop it or else'."

President Bush said North Korea's claim is "a threat to international peace and security." Some East Texas veterans agree. Some of them believe the North Korean government plans to use its weapons to bargain with the rest of the world for economic gain.

Retired Special Forces member, Joe Spangler, said, "I don't believe the people in North Korea want to go to war, and that's what they'll do if they start anything - they'll be at war - and I don't think China is gonna back them up this time, I don't think Russia is gonna back them up. I think they're going to be standing alone if they do that and I don't think that leader over there is that stupid."

Geophysicists confirm a seismic event Monday morning in North Korea, but can not tell whether it was caused by an earthquake or a nuclear explosion.

President Bush called North Korea's claims of a nuclear test "a provocative action that deserves an immediate response" from the United Nations.