Brandon Elementary Students Love Feet

It is what many of the students look forward to most, running their track and getting healthy.

Rachel Inselmann, a fourth grader, said, "We noticed a lot of kids in America are always being overweight.  Our PE teachers always tell us about the food pyramid.  They always tells us to be healthy and eat right.  They also tell us to run the track."

These kids get rewarded for the miles they run with necklaces full of rubber feet.

Matt Smithhart, a fifth grader, said, "Every foot is five miles, a big foot is twenty miles."

But, they know, running isn't the only thing they should do to stay healthy. They also have green bracelets to remind them to pick colorful foods at the cafeteria.

Tiffany Shepherd, a third grader, said, "It stands for lettuce and eating healthy vegetables like lettuce, carrots and green beans."

Joshua Davis, a fourth grader, said, "We get snacks at school in fourth grade.  They packs us grapes or healthy choices to eat."

Josie Solis, a fifth grader, said, "We run a lot on the track and we're getting muscles and getting healthier since we are eating fruits and vegetables now."

Teachers are also noticing changes in their kids.

Paula Rusk, a physical education teacher, said, "Some of them have lost a little weight.  We are making a difference, it might be just a little bit, but it's still making a difference."