Pastors Pray for East Texas

School shootings, the war in Iraq, and fear of a flu pandemic are several issues plaguing our country.

For years, the Pastors' Prayer Fellowship has gathered every week to pray for the nation's well- being and the betterment of East Texas. Drugs, crime, and violence are some of the problems running rampant in this area. The 15-member group gets together to pray for neighborhoods, families, and schools.

Oscar Dixon, president of the Pastors' Prayer Fellowship, said, "We're praying for unity in the community. God is tearing down the barriers where the blacks and the whites were separated. We were worshipping in different places, we had different things going on at different churches. We're bringing the body of Christ together in unity."

The Pastors' Prayer Fellowship merged with the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance after Hurricane Katrina. Their goal is to improve the East Texas community.