Party Headquarters Open Doors

At the Nacogdoches County Republican Headquarters party chair Jackie Yates is preparing for a grand opening.   He instructs, "We really want to greet them real well so look at them in the eye. Let them know they're what we're all about here." No matter what the party, grass roots support is what keeps the political process going.   "We're concerned about the future of Nacogdoches county, the future of our state and this is a little way that we can keep this, we feel like really good and conservative. Find the good candidates out there," said Yates.

Over at the Democratic headquarters volunteers feel just as devoted to the cause.   Secretary to the chair, Doris Daniel tells a volunteer, "Tomorrow the big news is we get Chris Bell signs." Daniel says she couldn't be at peace with herself if she didn't participate in the election process. "There's a certain excitement to be involved in helping choose our leaders and feeling like you actually contributed and being a part of the whole process."

Democratic party chair Hall Nichols thinks that way so he proudly displays his party affiliation everywhere he goes.   His red pickup is plastered with yard signs and bumper stickers all for the Democratic cause. "You can call me a 'yellow dog Democrat' and it won't make me a bit mad," said Nichols. The point Nichols wants to make to voters is to voice your opinion loud and clear, a practice he always follows.   "We would be a whole lot better off than we are if more people would stand up for what's right, instead of sitting back," advised Nichols.

An informed opinion is the best. A good place to start is at both party headquarters. In Nacogdoches the Republican Party headquarters is located at 732 North University Drive. The Democratic Party headquarters is at 4506 North Street. Its opening is scheduled for later this month.