Who Brought Funding to Volunteer Fire Departments?

by Larry Little

Last weekend volunteer firefighters from all over East Texas gathered in Lufkin to praise State Representative Jim McReynolds for his efforts in bringing funding to rural fire departments.

"Volunteer fire departments from all over the state are greatly appreciative of his work and are very indebted to him in helping get this legislation created," says Joe Fox with the Texas Forest Service.

"I worked with the insurance companies in the state of Texas and I worked with the rural caucus and I worked with the senate and the governor and we came up with a dynamite piece of legislation for rural Texas is one of the more positive things in the last decade," says Representative Jim McReynolds.

But Rep. McReynolds involvement in House Bill 2604 has been questioned so I checked into it. I found several House Bill 2604s that had no connection to McReynolds, but House Bill 2604 in the 77th Texas Legislature clearly shows McReynolds authored the legislation that brought $15 million dollars to East Texas volunteer fire departments.

McReynolds expects to be questioned especially during election time, but he hopes it's done respectfully. "I think we need to be exceedingly careful when we do things in the political process. Let's be sure to always tell the truth, the truth sets us free, that's what Jesus said and I believe that with all my heart," says McReynolds.