Veterans Need Help

Members of the Lufkin Disabled American Veteran's Chapter are planning for an upcoming day to honor veterans. "The Veteran's Day parade -- everyone should be proud to show up and be there. This is our chance to say [thanks to] all of our veterans," says Pricillia Dupree.

Dupree says saying thank you to veterans is not going so well because of a lack of community participation. "It's terribly disappointing because I believe this is probably one of the most important days in the year, and in my opinion, it starts off our holiday season, not Thanksgiving," says Theresa Johniken. "If you've got the freedoms that we got in America, it's because the veterans did what they wanted to do, and it's so important that our young people know what a veteran is and what a veteran did," says Dupree.

So far, the DAV only has about 10 participants signed up to be in the Veteran's Day Parade. After months of planning, they are no closer to having the big event they hoped for, but they refuse to give up.   "I'm not going to quit ever, not as long as I have the strength to do this. It's in my heart," says Johniken.

If you would like to enter in the Veteran Day Parade on November 11th, call 936-634-1792 or the Lufkin DAV.