Proposition 1 &2 Talk with Democratic Candidates

By Larry Little

East Texans have seen their fair share of political signs over the past few months, but there is one sign that stands out more than the others and the issue does as well and some politicians have steered clear of the issue until now.

Signs line East Texas roadways as election day approaches, but the Vote Against Propositions 1 & 2 sign is getting a lot of attention and it could be the reason many voters in Angelina County show up at the polls. Most political candidates aren't saying much about the alcohol sales vote, but reaction from a few Democratic candidates. "I think that is for the voters to decide. I believe in democracy completely and we are going to let the voters go to polls and make that decision and I will respect that decision. It's a local election not statewide and I can't influence it  anyway in the world but to cast my vote on election day," says Representative Jim McReynolds. "When it comes up for to be put on the ballot I felt it was my duty to vote for it, but when it comes time to vote, I will vote against it," says Commissioner Lynn George.

There are only a few weeks left before election day and before that time we hope to get reaction from some Republicans in Angelina County on how they feel about propositions 1 and 2.