Abusing Lufkin Parks

by Larry Little

The city of Lufkin takes pride in area parks, making sure East Texas families have somewhere to go for recreation, but if the writing on the walls is any sign of what goes on there some folks may be abusing city parks.

"From time to time people will call in suspicious activity on a vehicle in the park and we will go check it out and that may be the case. A lot of times our officers especially on night shift would be patrolling these parks after hours and come across people engaged in that activity," says Detective Mike Shurley.

Det. Shurley says women and men have been arrested at Lufkin city parks for public lewdness, some even arrested in park bathroom sting operations, but he knows people continue to break the law. "It does happen yes, I wouldn't say it's an extremely bad problem, but it does happen," says Shurley.

A person can be sent to jail for 1 year or be fined up to $4000 for engaging in sexual activity at the park.