Bell Alleges CHIPS Sellout

News Release:

The Chris Bell Campaign today introduced a new ad to air statewide on broadcast and cable television. The ad links Rick Perry's corruption to his sellout of the CHIP program and gross mismanagement of Medicaid, which lead to 250 thousand children in Texas losing their health insurance coverage.

Perry's draconian actions not only hurt the most vulnerable in our society, but also profited the most powerful - his friends and former staffers. Perry awarded the state's health insurance contract to Accenture, a Bermuda company whose executives are his former staffers.

The shady deal lead to numerous investigations and lawsuits. In March 2005, HHS inspector general, Brian Flood, and attorneys opened an investigation into the $1 billion contract awarded to Accenture to see if former state employees benefited from its award, and in the same month IBM filed a lawsuit in district court against the State of Texas for its contract award to Accenture. The IBM lawsuit cited insider dealing and conflicts of interest in the contracting process. A Houston Chronicle investigation showed that Perry former employees benefited from the contract. But even under the scrutiny of all these questions, Rick Perry has arrogantly protected his friends, defended his corrupt deals, and continued to ignore the suffering of Texas families.

"How can Rick Perry possibly defend the health insurance of 250 thousand Texas children disappearing into his Bermuda triangle? Rick Perry's cronies are the real pirates of the Caribbean and they have plundered the future of our kids for their own personal financial gain," said campaign spokesperson Heather Guntert.

In the ad Chris Bell clearly promises the voters of Texas that as governor he will clean up corruption in our state's capital, and make sure Texas children have health insurance.