Move It Motivator: "Exercise Rain or Shine"

In no way will a rainy day interrupt our Move It Motivator's exercise program.   Katelynn Marshall says, "No, because I do taibo whenever it's rain. I do pilates whenever it's raining. I do all kinds of things in the house whenever it's rainy because you have to have exercise no matter what."

Katelynn plugs in a high aerobic tape based on spiritual guidance. It's called Sweating In the Spirit. Katelynn moves the furniture and turns her living room into a workout room. A warm up loosens her body. About 10 minutes later Katelynn is in a full aerobic exercise that she can feel is at work.   "I'm definitely feeling my stomach muscles because when you're doing this you have to hold in your stomach the whole time. And I'm feeling my arm muscles. They're getting tired because when I pump them up , especially when you're moving muscles you've never moved before. I kinda hurts, but it really does make you feel better," says the 11 year old over loud playing music.

This time last year Katelynn's mom would fuss at her daughter for sitting on the couch watching TV. But this kind of TV watching is making her proud.   Arlena Marshall notices, "She has more energy. She really wants to do this and it's in her heart. You can tell."

Rain or shine, Katelynn wants to motivate you to move it. "If I was the spokesperson and I didn't do anything than it really wouldn't get out to the people, but hopefully me doing what I do will inspire other people."

At the end of the workout Katelynn accomplished what the 'Sweating In the Spirit' video intended, but Katelynn is a lady. She much prefers calling it, "Perspiration," she says with a smile.

In a month Katelynn says she has lost three inches and 5 pounds. We'll continue to track Katelynn's progress to weight loss and her shared advice about dieting and exercise.