Many Areas Flooded During Heavy Rains

It has been pouring all day in Zavalla, eight inches of rain is making it tough to get around.

Gaye Folsom, from Jasper, said, "I don't like it,  I don't like driving through the water."

TxDOT employees are stationed at some flooded trouble spots, helping drivers get through safely.

Jimmy Folsom, also from Jasper, said, "The people that are running through the water really fast, it is dangerous, they have no respect for other people trying to cross it."

Students were among those battling the flooded streets Monday.  The high water made it difficult for some to get home.

Jeremy Sullivan, a Zavalla student, said, "Our uncle, our road is so flooded, he was driving up and down in a boat."

But, not everyone is scared off by the water.

Johnny White, from Zavalla, said, "I had to get my old truck to drive through this stuff.  I didn't want to drive my new truck through it, this will go through anything."

They even drove by the volunteer fire department as the water continued to rise.  Authorities do urge drivers to be careful and slow down whenever you are driving through flood-prone areas.