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7 On Your Side:Missing Chimney Cap

After being alerted to water damage in his attic, John McElfish needed a new rain cap for his chimney.

"It was a bad chimney cap. Rusted, dilapidated," describes John.

He opened the yellow pages and called on Eric Harton-Fireplace Specialist.  Initially the transaction seemed like a no- brainer.

"Seemed like his pricing was in line with what I had heard before and I didn't hesitate to ask him to come out and check out the fireplace," says John.

That same week the fireplace specialist came and inspected the chimney. Harton collected $359 on the spot to do the job.

John adds, "After he got paid, the agreement was exactly what was written on the receipt. In 7-10 days he would come back and install the chimney cap."

13 days passed and John says he didn't get anywhere after making follow-up calls to Harton to come out and install the cap.  So he called 7 On Your Side.

We contacted Eric Harton Monday morning asking why the job wasn't done. He claims he was asked not to come back on the property to finish the job.

But we confirmed one simple fact with Harton, that he already cashed John's $359 check based on the receipt we obtained from the bank. So by 12 noon, Harton completed the job as promised and installed the rain cap.

A big relief for John considering mother nature's plans.

"The rain! The rain is the other problem, there's a big hole up there," says John.

He can now finish remodeling his home, now that this issue has been capped.

John was planning on filing a suit in small claims court, but says he won't have to now that the cap is installed.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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