Storm Recovery Begins in Jasper County

Monday's thunderstorms not only damaged area homes. Several businesses were also hit.   Wind damage and water damage are both common in Jasper County.

The water in Perkins furniture store in Jasper rose several feet. Tuesday, chairs, sofas, tables and other items damaged by Monday's flood were being sold at a 50 percent discount.

Next door at Kelemen's carpet store, wallpaper and floor tile were destroyed in the storm. The watermarks there measure at least three feet high. Both stores plan to get back to business as usual after a thorough cleaning and a little remodeling.

Terrence Hawthorne spent more than eight hours Monday cleaning up his flood-damaged home in Jasper. Tuesday, he was doing more of the same.

The Hawthorne Family is pleased with the quick response from their local disaster relief agencies - the Red Cross put the couple and their son in a nearby hotel until they can get back on their feet - but the Hawthornes are not happy with their local leaders or the eight-year-old drainage system built on their property.

Instead of pouring into the drainage system, the floodwater got high enough to cover a trampoline and washed onto the front porch and into several nearby homes. The water in the Hawthorne home got as high as four feet during the storm - that's even higher than it got during Hurricane Rita.