East Texas Plans For Population Growth

A cry comes form the nursery of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. The baby girl may not be the 300-millionth baby in the United States, but she represents the growing population of East Texas.  Six baby girls were born in the last 24 hours. And a seventh girl came along Tuesday morning.  The population growth is even more alarming for the United States. A baby every 7 seconds is born.

Across town city planner Aron Kulhavey develops comprehensive blueprints for the city. Most extend 20 years out, but require updates every three to five years. City manager Jim Jeffers describes city planning more of an art, than a science.   When accessing Nacogdoches he said, "Growing pains, no. We're experiencing moderate growth. We can handle three to five percent per year. We're going to grow. We're in a desired part of the country and we just need to direct that growth."

The Columbia Center helps do that with sophisticated mapping procedures. There's even a remote sensing technique that uses light to count people. Dr. Darrel McDonald explained, "The brightness of areas on the earth that can be translated to a number of people per unit area and this we are able to do world population estimates based upon this particular type of imagery." All important information when planning for a better way of life for each newcomer to Nacogdoches.