Minority Kids are Less Likely to Be Adopted

The Texas Adoption Resource Exchange web site has pages of kids in need of a safe, loving, and permanent home. Many of them will be adopted, but a lot of them will remain pictures on a web page because of their race, age, or special needs. Every day, the Adoption Center of East Texas works hard to find a match for these kids.

ACET Director Larissa Parham said, "We have a need for African American families who are interested in adopting children of all ages. We have a need for families who are willing to adopt older children and sibling groups."

In Region V, which includes 15 East Texas counties, 97 children are up for adoption. Forty-two of those kids are African American, including two in Angelina County and nine in Nacogdoches. Three of the kids waiting for adoption are Hispanic and 51 of them are white.

National Adoption Day is November 1. It's a day when families that have taken in foster children celebrate their adoption.

"We train families who are willing to adopt children," Parham said. "They contact us and then they attend what's called an Adoption Information Meeting and then we go from there."

For more information on adopting children or becoming a foster parent, go to http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/.