East Texas Women Now Know the Power of Pink

Hundreds of women now know the Power of Pink. The 13th annual Jan Moore breast cancer awareness luncheon was held Thursday in Lufkin.

Women in pink from all over East Texas heard from a breast cancer survivor. There was also plenty of information available to help women learn more about the fight against breast cancer.

Doctors diagnose 250,000 women with breast cancer every year. On average, every 15 minutes a woman dies from the disease.

The ladies at the luncheon were seated at tables of eight - a frightening reminder that one in eight women will get breast cancer during their lifetime. Patricia Flanigan of Zavalla is one of those women.

Thirty-five years ago, doctors diagnosed her with the disease. She survived, only to be diagnosed with breast cancer again in the other breast.

Flanigan regrets not getting regular breast exams and has dedicated the rest of her life to helping others avoid the same costly mistake.

"What I have to tell the other women is this: your attitude, it makes a tremendous difference in your recovery. Your faith makes a tremendous difference in your recovery. With faith, your attitude is easy. Without faith, your attitude is very difficult."

Flanigan is now cancer-free. She believes her faith in doctors, friends, family, and herself led to her recovery.