A Difficult Transfer for Central Student

Karen Cooley is 17-year-old David Derr's legal guardian. She says she's spent most of the week trying to enroll him in Central High School.

"Friday, we went up there. Monday, we were there for four hours. Tuesday, we were up there for a couple of hours. Wednesday, I didn't go, but was in contact with them," says Karen Cooley.

Cooley says Central administrators were reluctant to accept the 10th-grader because he's failed a couple of years and is considered a dropout risk.

"I should not have to go up against a school system and send letters to elected officials to get one child in school. That should not happen. I pay taxes here," says Cooley.

"It's been aggravating because it seems like no one wanted to take me into the school and it was just hard to understand," says David Derr.

Administrators at the Central Independent School District say it's unfortunate David had to wait before being enrolled in school, but potential dropouts are a concern for the district and they were following policy.

"You always do what's in the best interest of the student and, if they don't meet district policy, you simply follow policy. That's not always an easy thing, but that's what you have to do," says Central High Principal, Ronald Lindgren.

After carefully reviewing his background, Central ISD accepted David as a student Thursday afternoon.