Crime Stopper Software Leads to Boom for Local Businessman

A weekly Crime Stopper television production is underway. Once it airs investigators wait for a tip to help them solve the crime. Keeping the tip a strict secret from others is important.

Crime Stoppers boasts all the time about how tips are anonymous. That's due in large part to the ingenuity of a former Nacogdoches Crime Stopper board member. His name is Kevin Anderson. He developed software to keep track of tips specifically for Nacogdoches Crime Stoppers. Then he put it on the market.   "It's really become the standard worldwide for intelligence management for Crime Stoppers and we're branching out around the world and have most of the Crime Stopper programs worldwide using it now," said Anderson.

When a Crime Stopper number is called it most likely goes to not the local police department, but to a call center using Anderson's software. Sgt. Greg Sowell explained, "This goes to a firm that answers nothing but Crime Stopper lines. They're trained and by utilizing this it gives our callers another layer of local protection to remain anonymous."

And for tipsters who don't want to talk to anyone Anderson developed   Anderson said, "This is where tipsters can go submit a tip securely on the Internet." Anderson's software, which includes one for terror tips, is used by 570 agencies from Scotland Yard to the FBI. But he's most proud of coming to the aid of Nacogdoches Crime Stoppers. Anderson said, "You feel good because you know you're helping the community."