A Knock Out

by Jessica Cervantez

Arturo Rojas, a 9-year-old, has a passion for boxing, and has already lost five pounds.

"Just by working out hard, using the medicine ball, sit-ups,and push-ups," Rojas said.

His hard work and dedication to the sport is evident in the ring.  And, he says he has definitely seen some changes in his physical appearance.

Rojas said, "I was just fat, but then I started getting a 4-pack, and then I just started to love boxing."

But, he's not alone.  Joshua Hernandez, a14-year-old, has lost forty pounds since he started conditioning and training.

Hernandez said, "It's a different boost of confidence, you sleep better at night knowing that you did something, you accomplished something that day."

Coaches say all it takes is conditioning, discipline, and willingness to become a good boxer.

Darwin Brown, a coach, said, "Parents allow their kids to eat a little too much, if you come to the gym it will be alright, you can eat what you want, it balances itself out."

Patrick Sanders, of the Boys and Girls Club, said, "They are losing that weight really fast, their confidence comes up too."

Jasmine Brown, a 16-year-old, is the only girl, in the club, and has lost 30 pounds in six months.  The boxers say they enjoy what they do and will continue to stay fit.