TMJ Headaches

Millions experience "TMJ" headaches on a regular basis.

TMJ disorders include arthritic change, disc derangement and swelling in the jaw joint. This may cause muscle hyperactivity that often results in daily headaches. In our clinical experience, most headaches including those often described as "migraine" are related to TMJ disorders, bruxism, muscle hyperactivity, muscle spasm, stress, and non-restful sleep.

Headaches - Sleep Apnea - Bruxism:

Fifty million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep disorders such as snoring, apnea, bruxism, and chronic headaches. We estimate another 50 million family members suffer the consequences of these disorders.


  • 10% of the total population suffer from bruxism.
  • Bruxism is related to poor sleep, chronic fatigue, and headaches.
  • Many of those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and bruxism wake not rested and with a morning headache.

NOTE:  TMJ patients reporting morning headaches, snoring, gasping for air after periods of holding their breath, daytime sleepiness, and chronic fatigue, often suffer from both Obstructive Sleep Apnea, "OSA", and nocturnal bruxism (TMJ Disorder).  In our clinical experience, 70% of those patients treated for a TMJ disorders, related headaches, and facial pain screen positive for apnea, bruxism, and/or morning headaches.