Governor Perry Brings Campaign to East Texas

Governor Rick Perry's "Proud of Texas" bus followed the typical Highway 59 campaign trail through East Texas. With each stop Perry, portrayed an air of confidence.   Before a mostly Republican crowd in Nacogdoches, Perry spoke on his record. On every issue, the crowd responded with approval.

Republicans know more than ever solidarity is important in this election. Perry supporter, Nancy Speck-Mangham said, "Today, there is some kind of disconnect between what the state house feels is important and what the people feel is important. Somehow in America and Texas, we're going to have to reconcile those pages and try to get on the same page."

Perry boasts being "Proud of Texas," but there were some in today's crowd who would be proud to have another Texas governor." There was Norman Johnson, a personal friend of the governor, but who voted for Kinky Friedman.   "I think greed has been a part of Texas government for a long time. I work with a lot of children. I can name four right now that will die within a week because they don't have access to health care," said Johnson.

Then, there were the Chris Bell supporters who stood off premises holding anti-Bush and anti-Perry signs. Mike Selvey, said, "It's not about a horse race. It's about whose up and and whose down. Right now, the people of Texas are down."

Perry maintains a lead in the polls, but doesn't have that runaway high standing in the numbers.   The Governor said,  "There's a difference between being a leader and running for a popularity contest. I understand we've got to win the election, and I'm working towards that result, but I don't get up and worry about where I may or may not be on a given day relative to somebody's polls, and Lord knows what or how they put those together."

The next two weeks will tell a lot. There are undecided voters that could work in the favor of any of the four candidates.