S.F.A. Baseball Coaches Make Wager

The college baseball is four months away, but Stephen F. Austin has a heated series underway.

Donnie Watson's Lumberjacks are in the midst of their intra squad fall series.

The purple team is led by asst. coach Chris Connally and the purple team is led by Johnny Cardenas.

They made a wager before the series began. The loser owes the winner a steak dinner.

Throughout the series, head coach Donnie Watson analyzes and evaluates his assistants performances.

When asked which coach has the edge, Watson said "Johnny defensive minded and Chris is all about hitting."

Through the first two games of the series both teams have combined for 37-hits, but the outcome of this series may come down to which coach makes the best decisions or better yet who uses their brain the most.

Watson jokingly said "their IQ's are around 30 or 40", but Cardenas disagreed and said "I was an academic all-american when I played (T.C.U. alum) so I have the edge with the brains."

In the end both agreed that if lead their respected team to the fall series win it will be a resume builder.