Campaign Ads Heating Up

News Release:

In a new attack ad Rick Perry reaches more deeply into muddy waters to go after Chris Bell's record. Rick Perry's claim that Bell voted against Child Tax Credits for low-income families is a flat out lie.

With ever more poll numbers coming out showing Bell gaining strength and Perry losing ground, the Perry campaign is striking out in an attempt to distract the voters from his dismal record and failure as a governor.

Said Chris Bell, "Obviously Rick Perry has seen the same tracking numbers I have and he's worried. And now he's scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with charges against me. I am very proud of my record. Can Perry say the same?"

On Jul. 18, 2003, Chris Bell led the fight for the Senate version of HR 1308, the child tax credit bill. Disgraced ex-Rep. Mark Foley led the fight for the Tom DeLay-written House version that excluded low-income families and soldiers earning combat pay.

"Is this patriotic? Is this America?" asked Chris Bell on the House floor. "We owe it to the working people of America to pass a child tax credit that is good policy, not just good politics, and certainly we owe it to the fighting men and women of America, many of whom live in poverty, to give their children the tools they need to have a chance at the American dream." (Congressional Record, pp. H 7106-09, Jul. 17, 2003)

"Does Rick Perry really want to start this fight? Does Rick Perry really want to get into bed with Mark Foley?" asked Bell campaign manager Jason Stanford. "Chris Bell sided with our soldiers in combat. Rick Perry's siding with Mark Foley. Yes, that Mark Foley."

Chris Bell in fact twice voted to pass a child tax credit. (RC 209, HR 4359, May 20, 2004; RC 472, HR 1308, Sep. 23, 2004)

Rick Perry also attacked Chris Bell on property taxes. Chris Bell in fact led a coalition to pass the city's first property tax rate reduction. In fact the Harris County Republican Party gave Chris Bell an award for his role in passing the property tax rate rollback. Chris Bell is the only candidate in this race who has cut property taxes without a court order.

"Let's be clear: Rick Perry passed the biggest tax increase in Texas history this year. That is an indisputable fact. And now his minions are advocating a sales tax hike on working families. We can't afford another four years of this guy's failed leadership," said Jason Stanford.