Doctors Wants to Raise Money for Defibrillators

Mavs doctor hopes to raise $1 million to put AEDs in schools

DALLAS (AP)  A group headed by the Dallas Mavericks team physician says it plans to raise one (m) million dollars to help put defibrillators in Texas high schools.

The donations would help solve how some cash-strapped school districts will afford the heart-saving emergency device. Automated external cost about 12-hundred dollars each.

The University Interscholastic League voted last week to require that all 13-hundred public high schools have at least one A-E-D on campus. But the U-I-L did not address how schools would pay for them. Dr. T-O Souryal says the Texas Sports Medicine Foundation has already raised about half its goal.

It will give priority to rural school districts with smaller budgets. A recent rash of students who collapsed with suspected heart trouble led to the decision for putting A-E-Ds on high school campuses. At least 600 high schools in Texas already have the devices in place, and most large school districts own several for their many campuses.