Angelina County Flooding

The sun peaked through the clouds Thursday afternoon, but residents on Ransom Brown Road in rural Angelina County are still dealing with mud-covered roads and some flooding, all caused by Wednesday night's heavy rainfall.

"There was water all across my front yard, and the water was up to my bumper. I was afraid to drive down Ransom Brown Road, but I drove out to go to work this morning," says David WaCasey.

Retention ponds helped drain some of the water, but residents fear more rain will cause more flooding.

"I hope not, but ain't nothing I can do about it," says WaCasey.

Rural residents weren't the only ones affected. The rain brought things to a stand still at TxDOT work sites.

"Obviously, it slows down some of our construction work, but that's anticipated this time of year. Last week, we actually had some flood damage and roads closed," says TXDOTs' Tom Hunter.

With more rain expected, it could be next week before contractors can continue working on East Texas roadways.