Crime Prevention

There are many facets to crime prevention. Crime can affect many activities that we participate in. Crime can affect family relations, activities at home, investments, computers, school and work environments, and yes, even religious organizations.

A primary function of an effective law enforcement agency is to be actively involved in a variety of crime prevention programs. Some of these programs may not come immediately to mind when one thinks of crime prevention, but crime prevention is a major goal of the police department. An example of this is routine neighborhood patrols. The patrol cars presence on a dark city street along is a type of crime prevention. Lufkin Police officers can be seen patrolling on bicycles or in marked patrol cars. Police visibility does help prevent some crime.

The Community Policing section is a vital link to crime prevention. Its primary goal is to develop a proactive relationship with citizens through neighborhood crime watch programs, participate in local organizational activities, teach and lead youth in programs such as D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T., and be a supportive resource to the citizens. Through this participation, Community Policing is indeed a strong deterrent to crime.

Several officers of the Lufkin Police Department are certified to do home security surveys that can help make your home more secure and save money on homeowners insurance. Contact our Community Policing section at 633-0330 for more information on this program.