More Rain Causes More Flooding

It's been a while since the Neches River along Highway 94 has gotten above flood level. It's one of several places in Angelina County that flooded after Thursday night's heavy rain.

Some areas that were already flooded because of recent rain are finally seeing the water recede, but now new areas are dealing with too much water. The Pine Valley Raceway is one of them.

"It was crossing the highway real bad at the far end of the track," said co-owner, Billy Bailey Jr. "It looked like Toledo Bend."

But thanks to a levee built near the track last year, the water did not come inside the park.

"Before we got our levee system put up, came a big rain and we had water on the track," Bailey said. "[Before] Hurricane Rita come in last year, we built everything up a couple of more feet. Looks like it paid off this year."

The rain is gone, but flooding is still visible in many parts of East Texas, including FM 2497 in Angelina County.

There are no lakes or rivers off 2497, workers believe the water is backed up there because of a poor drainage system at a nearby home.