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Proud Of East Texas: Ghost Bowlers

Pumpkins, witches, trick or treating and ghosts are all part of the colorful celebration of Halloween. But for one East Texas family, Halloween is just like any other day of the year for the ghosts who live in their building.

A bowling alley isn't a place you'd usually expect to find ghosts hanging around. But at the Highland Lanes Bowling Alley in Jacksonville, too many unexplained phenomenas have happened to simply shrug them off.

Co-owners Nicki Spraggins and her brother, Roger Ward, have experienced footsteps, whispers, shadows, and bowling when the bowling alley's doors were locked and no one was there. They've even seen glimpses of people who seemed to disappear.

Other members of their family and even some customers, have had similar experiences.

If, indeed, there are spirits at the Highland Lanes Bowling Alley, they seem to be of the friendly sort. Nicki and Roger believe they must be former bowlers who come there to "have fun".

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.


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