Goodyear Announces Planned Closing of Tyler Plant

Photo courtesy KLTV, Tyler
Photo courtesy KLTV, Tyler

About 1,100 workers at Tyler's Goodyear Tire and Rubber tire plant are facing unemployment. That's after the Akron, Ohio-based company's announcement today that it plans to close the Tyler plant.

The Tyler workers have been among more than 12,000 Goodyear workers who have been on strike since October fifth. Among the disputes between Goodyear and the United Steelworkers union have been possible plant closings.

Goodyear isn't specifying a closing date in a statement issued today. Goodyear North American Tire president Jon Rich says the shutdown would be timed to minimize the effect on customers.

The statement says the closing is part of Goodyear's previously announced plan to leave some segments of its private label tire business. Goodyear says it expects to save about $50 million a year with the closing of the 44-year-old plant.

The plant has produced about 25,000 passenger and light truck tires per day.