HazMat Spill Cleaned Up

Hazardous material cleanup crews spent Sunday night and most of Monday in Timpson. They spent hours removing material left behind when an 18-wheeler caught on fire.   The rig burned so badly that cleanup crews were able to put the whole thing in two large bins.

Fortunately, the driver and about 35 nearby evacuated residents are all right. Residents returned to their homes about three hours after the accident occurred.

The truck's tire caught on fire around 8:00 Sunday night. The blaze spread to the highly flammable load of polystyrene beads, the stuff throwaway coffee cups are made of.

Hazardous material chief Richard Lenius said, "There is no immediate danger once the product is actually burned up. It is decomposed and it is really non-hazardous at this moment. The problem is we cannot let it sit on the soil unattended."

Cleanup costs are the responsibility of the trucking company. The driver was commended for getting the load description papers out of the cab. That information helps workers deal with the emergency.