A Fire Department Rebuilds

Tom Bailey, who has been with the Zavalla Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years, said, "It is still really hard. I can't go down there. I won't go until all of this is done."

As Zavalla firefighters continue to reminisce about the fire department it took them years to build, they know they have a big job ahead of them as they work on constructing a replacement.

Today, workers are up on the roof trying to build up a new volunteer fire department across town. It won't be easy, since the fire destroyed more than $350,000 worth of equipment.

Forrest Bailey, the fire chief, said, "The truck, the Suburban -- we just gave 14 [thousand] for it -- the big truck was new, the jaws of life equipment  -- a lot of money burned up."

But with the help of the community, they hope to get the new building up and running soon.