Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 11/02/06

Lindo Mexico got a whopping 24 demerits. Bulk items were not labeled, food was being stored on the floor, eggs were stored on top of tomatoes, and lettuce was being stored on top of raw meat. There were also flies inside the restaurant because the back door was left open. Thermometers were needed in the freezers. And the prep table, knives, and grill were all dirty.

Pizzetti's Pizza got 17 demerits for needing food handlers certificates, peeling paint on the ceiling, and trash in the restroom. The restaurant was also cited because employees were using household insect repellant and dirty dishes were left in the restaurant after closing.

The Donut Palace in Huntington got 11 demerits because employees were keeping their personal food near restaurant food and equipment. Food handlers certificates were needed and food was not tightly covered.