Angelina County Voter Motivation

Thousands of voters flooded the Lufkin Annex Courthouse this week to cast early votes. The high turnout is creating a nightmare in the parking lot.  A damaged pole is proof of car accidents in the parking lot.

Several elections have been held in Angelina County over the years, but none have gotten as big a response as this election. So, what's driving voters to the polls?

"We know exactly what's motivating the people. [It's] the wet/dry issue. They are very emphatic about it. There is no question about it," says Angelina County Election Judge, Bill Shanklin.

Thursday evening, under the close watch of a Lufkin Police officer, folks supporting Propositions 1 and 2 stood at a  busy intersection in Lufkin, passing out signs, making a last minute push to sway voters.

"I feel like Lufkin is a super place. Angelina County is a super place to live in, and they need the money, the taxes, and the jobs. I think this just brings in the 21st century," says Proposition 1 & 2 supporter, Oscar Dillahunty.

Some Angelina County residents disagree. Whether for or against, voters will put the alcohol sales debate to rest on November 7th.