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In the Kitchen: Junior Leagues' Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees - Kid Cookbook

 White icing

Green food coloring

Sugar cones

Colored sugar

Assorted small candies

Sour Punch Straws

Twizzler ropes  

Combine some of the icing with a few drops of the green food coloring in a bowl and mix well.  Turn the sugar cones upside down and place on a tray or wax paper.  Spread the white or green icing over the cones.  The white icing will resemble snow.  Decorate the trees with the straws and ropes for garland.  Use the assorted small candies and sugars for ornaments.

  Yield:  Variable  

Kids Cookbooks Available at The Junior League of Tyler's Mistletoe & Magic, Harvey Convention Center

November 9th, 10th: Noon to 9pm

November 11th: 10:30am-5pm

Or Call: 903-593-8141


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