Nacogdoches Airport Improvements

Former Nacogdoches Mayor A.L. Mangham remembers the beginning stages of this airport named in his honor. "It was not quite a dirt strip, but is was a very short strip. It needed a lot of input, and it needed the pushing of the people, as well as our people in government," says A. L. Mangham.

Since that time, a lot has changed at the Nacogdoches airport, but more change is on the way. Today, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was among the dignitaries at the airport to announce new funding. The airport is getting $4 million dollars in federal money to make improvements. "Louie Gohmert and I worked hard to get the money for the runway extension, so that we could get bigger planes in the Nacogdoches airport," says Senator Hutchison.

City officials hope the improvements will attract new businesses and bring in jobs. "Getting people into the airport, having a nice airport, having a nice appearance -- because first impressions mean a lot -- so, we are hoping the new improvements will make the first impression," says Nacogdoches Mayor Bob Dunn.

"It's a wonderful thing for Nacogdoches, for the economy, [and] the future, and to be involved and living long enough to see it happen," says Mr. Mangham.