Salvation Army Helps Keep Elderly East Texans Warm

Every day, East Texans hoping to get help come to the Salvation Army and, as the season changes and the temperature drops, the need is growing. The leaves are falling from East Texas trees, and some leaves are changing color.

Cooler temperatures have arrived, so folks at the Salvation Army are getting ready to help elderly residents who don't have heat in their homes, or are afraid to use the heat, fearing expensive electric bills. To provide help to East Texas seniors, the charity needs you to donate blankets and small heaters.

"First of all, it is getting colder. We watch the weather on TV, we get an awareness of it. We walk out, and we can see that it's -- that it is, physically, much colder. And we just know that there are several folks who can't afford, maybe, the heat that we might have in our homes and, you know, a blanket or heater will go a long way to just helping those folks be comfortable and be healthy during this season," says Captain Hank Harwell of the Lufkin Salvation Army.

Now, folks at the Salvation Army say some of those space heaters can be a little dangerous, so they hope you will keep that in mind when making a purchase to keep an East Texas senior warm this winter.