Move It to Get Fit

America has never been fatter.  Study after study finds alarming increases in the number of overweight and obese Americans.

Sixty-four percent of Amercians are overweight, including more than 30% who are considered obese.

The numbers are equally alarming for children. The rates of pediatric obesity have more than tripled in the last two decades. About 15% of children between six and 19 are overweight.

Dr. Jeffrey Glass, a pediatrician, said, "We have seen a lot of overweight children, more so now than in past years."

Dr. Glass cares for his little patients.  He knows talking about weight can be a sensitive topic. But, it is his job to talk about these tough issues if it concerns the health of a child.

"One thing we do with every check up on pediatric patients is look at their growth chart.  We tell parents that this is where your child is, and this is where your child should be, and it shows them," Dr. Glass said.

Children can't do this alone.  He says the whole family has to be on board in making healthy decisions, including exercise and diet.

Dr. Glass said, "Children should drink more than four ounces of juice a day, drink either skim or 2% milk, and no snacks during television."

A recent study finds teenagers are gaining weight at double the rate their parents did at the same age. Experts fear if something isn't done now, the situation could spiral out of control.

"The whole family is going to have to make changes. We can't expect the children to eat celery while the parents are eating potato chips," Dr. Glass said.