Election Eve Preps Underway

Republican Party worker Austin Cook assembling signs was about as busy as it got at headquarters the day before Election Day. He's helped put together several hundred. "We're gonna put them at 26 different locations throughout the county," said Cook, not missing a beat in stapling the yard signs.

Across town, Democrat Doris Daniel was lining up election day volunteers and voters. "We are making calls to various precinct chairs asking them to make calls to their voters, see if anybody needs a way to the polls, and just reminding them tomorrow is the big day," said Daniel.

Pattye Greer wears her elephant jewelry as she makes get out the vote calls. It's just another way to show her longtime support for the Republican Party.  "Since Eisenhower," she laughed.

Veteran political workers are accustomed to this lull before election day gatherings.   Republican Party Chair Jackie Yates said, "We've done so much. We've worked so hard, so as we come to this time, I think this will be a time where we can all get together and kinda share in the results as they come out."

Election administrators want no difficulties in getting those results. Voting machines will be set up the night before,  well in advance of the first voter.