Many First-Timers are Headed to the Polls

"I actually work at a restaurant, so it's very important to me," said first time voter, Amanda Cheavens. "It's hard for me to really understand the Unicard system, so it'd make my job a lot easier. It'd make it a little easier for all of us at work."

Twenty-year-old Amanda Cheavens is not the only first time voter we met in Angelina County on election day. The issues on the ballot brought her to the polls.

This year, Angelina County residents are voting for a new county judge, precinct 4 commissioner, and governor. But Propositions 1 and 2 seem to be piquing the most interest among newcomers to the election process.

Ashley Lamb said, "I actually live in Trinity County, but I go to school here, and so I pass the liquor store every night. I would much rather they be able to get the alcohol that they want from town instead of having to go all the way out there, and some of them have been drinking already."

But her friend, another first time voter, disagrees.

Trisha Jolly said, "The issue about the drinking thing -- it's really important to me because we see the effects of it everyday. I'm against Propositions 1 and 2. I think more people should be able to come out and vote against it."