An East Texas Prostitute Shares Her Story

"Mildred" does not consider herself a prostitute, but admits she'll have sex with anyone for crack or money to buy crack. Her last arrest, she had everything on her - four crack pipes, Xanax, meth, and weed.

Mildred didn't get her first hit on the street. She got it from her sister, who is also a crack- addicted prostitute, in jail for stabbing a man seven times.

Mildred admits she now cleans houses, sells crack pipes, cars, rakes yards, cleans ditches, and pimps women to support her habit.

"I can stay on it about four days straight - no sleep at all - four days," Mildred said. "I hate it, but at the time I'm smokin' it, I love the devil out of it, but I really wish I could get up off of that."

Forty-nine-year-old Mildred is a woman with full-blown AIDS and grandmother to eight kids. She got the disease six years ago from her boyfriend. He got the disease by sleeping with prostitutes she provided for him. The disease is starting to take its toll on her body.

"It's hell," Mildred said. "I got all kind of problems. You bleed out of every hole in your body, really. Right now, I'm supposed to be taking medicine. I ain't got my medicine. It's hell. People look at you stupid. Half of Trinity got it, but they don't want to admit it. But I will because you can't hide from the good Lord, so why hide from the rest of these monkeys."

Mildred has to take six different medications every day to treat her disease. She's still with the man who gave it to her. Authorities said they beat each other regularly. Those fights have left Mildred with broken arms and ribs and her ankle nearly cut half off.

"It's a 'can't help' situation. I guess it's addiction of love on the damn man. I've been knowing him forever. We went to school together and he nice as hell until he start drinking."

She's been in and out of jail for years, but said she's finally had enough. Mildred plans to have her act together a year from now and can even joke with jailers about her many stays in jail.

She started doing drugs after her mother died in the mid-1980s and has been hooked ever since. Not only is her body being destroyed by years of making bad choices, her own children want nothing to do with her.

Her regret is smoking crack and helping other women sell their bodies. She believes if she hadn't started smoking crack years ago, she'd be in the Army or the owner of a child care center.