East Texas Honors Veterans

Many young East Texans waved flags Saturday morning, showing pride and patriotism, honoring veterans for their sacrifices. It made Korean War Veteran Joe Elliott proud to have served. "It makes me happy that we have as many people patriotic as we do have, and I think it's a good thing," says Joe Elliott. 

Sixteen-year-old Josh Morgan, decked out in his red, white, and blue, says he couldn't let this Veteran's Day pass without saying thank you. "I think we should honor our veterans. They put their lives on the line, and if there were not veterans, we would not be free. We would maybe be under the rule of the Soviet Union or a Hitler," says Morgan.

In a speech at a veterans ceremony Saturday, Josh praised veterans for his freedom. Josh says he doesn't know if he will joined the military, but  says he will think of some way to serve his country.