Lufkin Experiencing Water System Problems

The City of Lufkin is experiencing some water quality issues related to the failure of a water well.  The well began to fail at approximately 11 p.m on Saturday and became progressively worse.  The problem was identified and the well was turned off at approximately 8:40 a.m on Sunday morning.  The well was pumping large amounts of sand from the aquifer. The sand accumulated in the ground storage tanks at the water plant and then was pumped into the water system.

City crews began to respond to water complaints at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.  The City began flushing water lines in an effort to eliminate the sand from the piping.  The City is still flushing lines in an effort to remove the sand and will continue to do so until the water is clear.  The city is maintaining a good chlorine residual in the system and is completing bacteriological testing.

Based on the chlorine residual, the city has no reason to believe the water is unsafe to drink.  Customers should filter any sand particles from the water.  Filter systems and screens may stop up due to the sand.  The milky appearance is from the fine sand particles suspended in solution and/or air bubbles related to the flushing operations.  The sand is salt and pepper color in appearance and is generally referred to as "sugar sand" because of the particle size.

The water should begin to clear up Monday afternoon and customers should flush the household plumbing by running various water fixtures.  If you are still experiencing water problems on Tuesday, please call (936) 633-0230.