Colton Wier Trial Prepares to Go to Jury

Testimony in the Colton Wier capital murder trial in Nacogdoches ended Tuesday morning.   Both sides rested at 10:30 a.m.  Wier is accused of shooting and killing James Kelly of Cushing last year in a "murder for hire."

Wier's defense attorney only called a few witnesses. The defense claims there's no real evidence of Wier being promised any payment from Kelly's wife, Marcia Kelly, to commit the crime. The defense's argument is Kelly's daughter Shaina was using the then-16-year-old's gullibility to commit the crime.

Among the state's witnesses was Gary Batchelor Jr. He was one of two teens with Wier, Dallas Christian, and Shaina Sepulvado on the night of the murder.

Batchelor returned to East Texas to testify from a South Texas juvenile detention center. He's serving time there after pleading guilty to tampering with evidence.

The separation is difficult on his mother, Lynette Batchelor. She's hopeful for her son's future. "One thing I do know [is that] he's going to school, and he's not getting in any trouble. He's going to school. He's going to get his education, and I think he's going to be all right." Batchelor turned 17 on Monday, which made the reunion with his mom even more meaningful.

Closing arguments will be heard Wednesday morning before the jury makes its decision.