Restaurant Report - Lufkin - 11/16/06 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Restaurant Report - Lufkin - 11/16/06

Pizza Hut on South Timberland got 14 demerits for needing food handlers certificates, a leak under the ice machine and behind the soda machine, and a dirty ice machine.

Mi Ranchito got 11 demerits. They also needed food handlers certificates. The floor was in need of repair and there were no lids for the rice and beans. And the hand wash facilities were not easy to get to.

Papa John's Pizza also got 11 demerits for needing food handlers certificates, no hot water in the women's restroom, and no towels in the men's restroom.

Congratulations to China Garden, Lufkin Country Club and Restaurant, and Popeye's for getting a perfect score of zero demerits.

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