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Power of Prayer: Marc Bailey

For almost a decade Marc Bailey has been snapping portraits of East Texans.  But long before he picked up a camera, Marc also felt he had another talent: a talent for being funny.

"From an early age, funny in class," said Bailey. "We were from Dallas and started hitting some churches and doing some funny things. I've always been kind of dramatic and very on stage and started loving comedy and one thing led to another and here we are."

Standup comedy has always been a passion of Bailey's.   Like a lot in that industry, he started with things not-so-clean.

"It is interesting how that came about," said Bailey. "In Dallas, I had written some secular comedy for some comedy clubs and things. And that was before my walk with the Lord really started. You know it was edgy and what-not. But then I started realizing... I think people are really sick and tired of bad comedy, especially with Sirius radio and all that where you can go and listen to it, but you can't.  It's just trash. And really and truly the funniest things are clean. I mean the funniest things are what happens to us."

But Bailey's routine really turned toward a ministry after he found his wife Kari.  He says she helped lead him back to a closer walk in his faith and a realization that comedy can have a message and ministry.

"I wonder if Jesus had a dog, I didn't know if it was a German Shepherd.... You know just that kind of thing," said Marc.   "You know I thought the more powerful tool here is really clean and then I started realizing there could be a sweet witness in there with it and then God started working in my heart and I started realizing is this the direction I'm going and I started listening."

"I have found that especially with young people and other people, comedy is a way to bring people together. It can bring a church together," said Bailey.  "And they'll listen to, whereas you were just thumping on a Bible constantly, they'll just turn you off."

Bailey's prayer now is that he can take his standup ministry out of churches and religious activities and perform in more secular.  "I've donned it the Jovial Jesus Ministries. But don't have a tax number just yet. But I like that. I think Jesus was a laugher. I think He was a natural comedian. I mean you want the truth, I think he was a funny guy. I really do," said Marc.

Something he could never picture until he found that fun and faith can really work together.

Clint Yeatts, Reporting.  cyeatts@kltv.com


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